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Who We Are?

Vindhya Infotech is an innovative gaming company, offering agile and adaptable gaming solutions leading to enhanced user experience.

Design, Implement & Market

What We Do?

We provide end-to-end solution for online gaming. Our experts work closely with our clients, understanding their respective needs.

Belive In Growing Together

Why Join Vindhya?

We are a fast growing company, providing a high-energy, collaborative and professional working environment designed to contribute to the growth of intellectual capital.


Who we are?

Vindhya Infotech germinated from the idea to provide agile and adaptable gaming solutions, leading to enhanced user experience. With a strong focus on research, we aspire to offer deeply customizable solutions, befitting customer requirements. Specializing in online rummy, we have delivered games that have created unique player experience.

With a strong team of qualified professionals, we handle every step of the gaming experience - from design to development and finally leading to delivery.

Our motto

Innovation and continuous learning are the principle values of this company’s work culture and environment. Every challenge is an opportunity that allows us to showcase our potential and our commitment to quality. Our employees, stake holders, and partners are our greatest assets.


We Design, Implement & Market

Our service lines

Vindhya Infotech provides end-to-end gaming solutions for building games of the future. All the solutions use one or more of the fundamental building blocks of eBusiness solution - Design, Technology, and Marketing.


Systems design

A matured product is the need of the hour and such products can only be achieved if all the key stakeholders have clarity of thought and consistency in effort. We work with our clients to provide them “System Designs’ that help them create effective and efficient products and processes.

Business model design

We bring in focus to every business. We create strategic models that provide value propositions, customers, distribution channels, core competencies, cost and revenue model in an effective way. Every design is exclusive in nature, completely related to the working soul of that organization influencing the business logic of the company at macro and micro levels.

Visual systems design

Communicating clearly to your targets irrespective of any geographical barrier is a challenge many companies come across. Our design experts believe in maximizing the effectiveness of your visual platforms, through intense assessments and analysis. Our goal is to capture the viewer’s attention and the call to action is executed in a comprehensive, yet simple manner.

Usability engineering and design

Not always is a product developed from scratch. A lot of times, the development has to be incremental in nature with limited resources, which sometimes leads to redefining the initial scope and the focus is lost and the product does not perform as expected. In such times, our team of Usability Engineering and Design provide need based solutions that would convey the desired message and attract right traffic based on thorough in-housei research and assessment and create an effective user interface.

Game design strategy

Our Game Design Studio has designed games for online, social and mobile platforms for our clients. We provide designs that are complex in nature, are scalable and cross platform. Game design involves a lot of logic and functionality analysis in terms of the flow which if not scoped well can lead to a possible failure of the product. Our team of dedicated game designers is well aware of this, and works very closely with the business analysis team to understand the product comprehensively before beginning work on it. This helps reduce a lot of re-work and increases the efficiency in turn-around of product delivery.


System architecture and design

We provide our best conceptual model services in terms of structural and behavioural views for a system. We have solutions to the complex requirements of the next-generation trading platform that is built with a holistic mindset by the experts, crossing the boundaries of traditional silos like business and technology or applications and networking.

Service oriented architecture

We have a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as connected, repeatable business tasks, or services. With the Smart SOA approach we adapt, you can find value at every stage of the SOA continuum, from unit projects to enterprise-wide initiatives. And also we use TOGAF to easily cater the services.

Remote infrastructure management

Our comprehensive range of remote infrastructure management services gives our customers the ability to reduce costs and improve service levels. We help in implementing a complete remote service desk solution or simply start with remote monitoring for a portion of your network, a selected site, or a group of servers. Our Remote infrastructure management solutions are based on a sophisticated architecture that is open and scalable and which enables the integration of vendor or customer-supplied tools - eliminating a task that stymies most companies. As a result, we provide clients with a consistent, consolidated management view of their environment. Our solutions go beyond 24x7 monitoring to include proactive problem identification and resolution. Built-in root cause analysis that helps to identify and automatically fix potential problems before performance is affected. Our remote infrastructure management solution will automatically carry out clients’ pre-specified instructions to fix problems such as restarting sluggish servers and the applications that reside on them without human intervention. The solution can also automatically dispatch on-site service providers to address high priority issues. By automating corrective actions, IT organizations decrease problem resolution time and improve system availability.

Database performance Engineering

Flourishing supply chain organizations depend on utmost system performance. With evolving technology and increasing volumes, keeping systems tuned and performing at their best is critical. Our Database Performance Engineering Services provides sizing, installation and architecture verification services to ensure that your systems run at their optimal level throughout the lifetime of the solutions. Our Performance Engineering Services is comprised of senior-level experts in the areas of system and database tuning, hardware performance optimization and benchmark analysis. We offer a wide range of services, including detailed performance tuning, Technical capability and risk assessment load, stress and scalability testing.

Ecommerce/payment gateways

We offer next generation e-commerce solutions to address your evolving e-business challenges and maximize returns on your investment initiatives. Whether you are looking for custom e-commerce solution, need to re-platform your existing online business, launch new service or expand into new geographies, we offer complete range of B2B and B2C e-commerce services that will enable you to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. We combine our deep business and technology expertise to deliver solutions that provide richer user experience, greater product information and create repeat customers.

Vindhya Infotech houses one of the largest pools of certified professionals that enable us to deliver solutions that are cost-effective and flexible enough for selling one product to thousands of products online. Our e-commerce solutions are built around secure and robust open source systems and deliver industry-specific applications that will enable you to:

  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Drive multi-channel sales
  • Offer robust merchandizing support
  • Up sell and Cross sell Management

We also devise content management system, e-commerce platform selection and implementation, e-commerce application integration and integration of right payment gateway. We offer a range of e-commerce solutions, including:

  • Web store design and development
  • Custom ecommerce software
  • Reengineering your e-business
  • Custom ecommerce
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Ecommerce Hosting

For more information ecommerce solutions or a detailed review of our work, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Open source solutions

We provide development, customization, implementation, and integration services for Open Source Products. Use of mostly Open Source products and components allow us to deliver complex systems with low Total Cost of Ownership. Together with partnerships, our experienced team of certified developers and our use of agile development methodologies, allow us to provide cost-effective solutions with a quick turnaround time.

Business intellgence

n this competitive world, availability of quality information at right time is essential to sustain the competitive edge. Business Intelligence helps the decision makers to form competitive and superior business strategies to drive business and stay ahead of competition.

We have vertically integrated Open Source Database Practice with Business Intelligence .Our data experts are professionals passionate about converting raw data to useful information. Our understanding of functional domains will help you unlock the potential in your organization's data to support quick and effective decision-making. We offer a full spectrum of Open Source based BI services including BI Software Implementation, BI Software Customization, developing dashboards and KPI for your organization.

Maximizing competitive advantage and value of business intelligence

  • Vindhya’s business intelligence solution transforms data into actionable information to maximize competitive advantage
  • Integrated business intelligence solution helps in making quality business decisions better and faster to outperform competition
  • Our solution improves business performance by providing ongoing value to the business
  • High impact business intelligence helps the organization to be more responsive and competitive to act on business opportunities
  • Our competitive business intelligence solution improves operational efficiency and maximizes profitability by managing resources better
  • Customer centric business intelligence improves customer relationship through better understanding of customer behavior

Leveraging the power of business intelligence solutions

  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining Solutions
  • Enterprise Data Integration and Performance Management Services
  • Customer Analytics, Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain Analytics Solutions
  • Scorecards, Dashboards and Enterprise Reporting Solutions

Platforms (Online, Mobile, Social)

Vindhya Infotech offers bespoke, robust and professional social networking software development solutions. We design, build and deliver seamlessly integrated, highly measurable and cross-platform software and applications to power your online presence. Our vast experience in this domain, coupled with large pool of certified professionals in LAMP stack, puts us in a prominent position for producing world-class experiences. Our technology practice in conjunction with deep understanding of user needs allows us to deliver solutions that can be effectively adopted by our client’s intended audiences.


Innovations and new concepts

Our team of experts closely analyzes your products and makes recommendations that could make it more suitable for the market. Once the product is ready, we look for suitable pastures. We find leads for your business, maintain deals with them, and also monitor their performance and profitability. We also closely observe the market trends, based on our web analytics we come up with innovative marketing and promotional offers to make your deals even more profitable.

Digital marketing solutions

Are you completely exhausting the potential of Internet, mobile, and other interactive channels? If there are any apprehensions, probably it is time to use some specialized means, because the scope and use of digital marketing in business is immense and essential. Our services establish a symbiotic relationship between digital marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization, finally converting into sound sales. We make sure that our clients’ website has a strong visual identity and gets required traffic through promising optimization and backend support.

Branding strategy and positioning

Developing a brand and then maintaining the positioning are not only an organization’s responsibility but also a challenge. Hence, we provide you specialized support to carry on the task. Work with our team from the beginning and frame a strong and clear brand positioning statement, which would subsequently become the foundation stone of your brand building strategy. Our brand consultants work towards creating a much wider impact and greater brand recall value with customized and focused themes and campaigns that convert into brand salience and enhance revenue and growth.

Communictaion strategies design

Standardize your communication to every link in your business chain and all stake holders, using our specialized communication resources. Our purpose is to provide complementing material and ideas in the lines of brand strategies formulated by the client. Creation of marketing collaterals, information visualization, presentation graphics, interactive demos and tools, and display campaigns – every small detail has to be given attention in order to create a highly impactful and flawless brand!

Customer experience optimization

Standardize your communication to every link in your business chain and all stake holders, using our specialized communication resources. Our team of communication strategists provides complementing material and ideas in the lines of brand strategies formulated by the client. Creation of marketing collaterals, information visualization, presentation graphics, interactive demos and tools, and display campaigns – every small detail is given attention in order to create a highly impactful and flawless brand!

Web analytics and campaign management

Can anyone imagine the success of an online business, without putting the equations of search engine optimization in place? To perform this task, we have a team dedicated to web analytics, working on collection analysis, player psychology and its impact on business, reporting of Internet database, and optimization web usage.

Social media marketing

The most in-thing in online marketing these days is social media marketing. From the profile of your employees to a well-designed market campaign, everything on social media conveys a word about you. A lot of our clients have sky-rocketed their profits and business with an intelligent use of social media marketing. With us, you can earn maximum ROI on minimal investments by making a strong social media presence. Do not hesitate in reaping the enormous benefits of social media with our specialized support, and a dedicated team of social media marketers who understand the platform with its pros and cons and stitch campaigns to make sure the brand awareness is enhanced to impact revenue.


Portfolio Of


Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is one of the most loved online rummy sites that cater to over 1 million players across India. Known for the cool offers and fabulous gaming experience, it provides free rummy and cash rummy games for its players.

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Asli Rummy

Asli Rummy is all about online rummy for the current generation. It’s cool and peppy look instantly draws your attention and players are offered cool welcome bonus along with regular promotions. Don’t forget the cash games as well!

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Mobile Apps

The Classic Rummy mobile app is available for Android and iTunes. So download and enjoy real cash games & have fun!

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The Virtual Lab For


What is Vindhyalabs?

What is Vindhyalabs?

Vindhyalabs functions as a virtual platform created for exchange of ideas focused on continuous improvement. We are at intersection of all three crucial specializations of business, viz. design, technology and marketing. The focus of our research covers not only the prerequisites of our clients, but also the end-user. We work towards enabling a win-win situation for all the stakeholders - end-user, clients, client’s employees and client’s partners.

Creating Business Models

Creating Business Models

The quest for sustainable advantage is putting constant focus on the business models. Business model innovation is not just an in-thing; it is the difference between survival and extinction. We take pride in contributing to the success of all our clients by taking up the role of a true partner.

Managing Leadership

Managing Leadership

Having built businesses from the ground up, we lived through the entrepreneurial challenges of creating, growing and running successful firms. We help attract, develop and retain top talent that gives us an edge and a real chance to make our clients, leaders in their chosen field. We work with our clients at different stages of their business. We provide support and advice on evolving and expanding the client engagements.


we Believe In Growing


Why Vindhya Infotech

Vindhya represents dynamism and potential, youth and effort, style and technology- bundled together in the quest for breakthrough performance. We are always on the look-out for young, determined and hungry minds that are ready to take the world by storm.

All we require of you is passion to make a difference, to create something fascinating as well as practical.

Vindhya provides the perfect atmosphere for creativity and development. The flexible reporting hours and casual dressing only adds to the fun. We believe that the best ideas are born, when work and fun go hand in hand.

Join us

If you are self-motivated, innovative and believe in taking the road less travelled, you might become one of our proud working partners and a stake-holder in company's growth.

Send in your resume to  and we will get back to you with a right opportunity.

If you are a college student and want to taste the challenges in the real world, we have a right window for you – our Internship Program.


Live Your


Program details

If you are a college student or a fresh pass-out and have innovative ideas - our internship program might be your window to have a firsthand exposure into how companies function. The duration of internship ranges from one to six months, depending upon the nature of your project and academic schedule.

An intern would be required to work in the same professional and challenging environment, as any other regular employee.

How Would It Benfit You?

We faceilitate your learning

You work under direct supervision of our experts or your “buddies”; and what you learn during this on the job training with us includes:

  • Ability to organize work and understand corporate structure
  • Gain experience in planning and execution
  • Learn from the experts of respective fields
  • Learn and implement the complete life cycle of a business process, beginning from design, development, to marketing
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced team environment
  • Knowledge of latest tools and technology used in the industry
  • You would work for either one of our verticals, viz. design, technology, and marketing. However, based on your performance and interest, you could be exposed to other verticals as well

How To Join Us?

For recruitment through campus, ask your placement coordinators to provide you with our notification forms. Fill in these forms and submit. Shortlisted candidates would then be called for written aptitude / technical tests, followed by group discussions and interviews. For offsite recruitment, a round comprising of written test would be followed by a technical interview round. Alternatively you can send us your resume at mentioning your area of interest from our available internship opportunities and we will get back to you.






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